Nov 30, 2009


Well I didn’t get to decorating this morning.  After I got a few chores done it was time for photo group.  Ray wanted to get there early and we would have, but he forgot his camera.  We try to take them with us when we leave the house.  If we don’t, we miss something we want to photograph.  Well we had to turn around and go back to get it.  It’s probably a good thing because we forgot the cell phone too, my responsibility I guess!  We didn’t need it, but we did use the cameras. Swisshelm Mtns.                                                          Chiricahua Mtns. At Photo Group I learned a lot from Al.  I didn’t know that you get a much better picture if the horizon isn’t in the center of the photo and that if your taking a picture of the sky leave off as much land as you can.  The sky becomes the focal point of the picture.  I have to give Ray credit to I have learned a lot from him on photography and how to manipulate my pictures.  I now have four programs I use  and sometimes I use more then one on a photo.  I learned a little more about Picasa today from Al , he uses it all the time.  As Ray knows, Al’s going to be explaining it over and over a few times before I get it. I played with some with my photos I took today on our way to town and on the way back.Our ten acre homestead on the Old Christensen Ranch When we got home Ray and I got three boxes with trees and one tub of decorations down.  I always say I'm going to mark the tubs, but when it’s time to put everything away I just want to get it done.  So I don’t know what's in them other then they are Christmas.  At first I thought it was a bunch of knick-knacks. But under a few, was my nativity.  I love putting it out, I collect a new piece or two to add every year.  Nothing matches except the first small group of figures, we have  all kinds of animals, a diverse group of people and a few angels.  I put up the knick-knacks today but the nativity will have to wait until tomorrow, after we get home from Benson.Baby Girl looking out the window                                       Yes Al. Ray is getting out of yoga,again.  He convinced me we really need to go to the Bank and get kitty food.  But boy is he going to be busy decorating tomorrow afternoon :)

Have a good night.


  1. I think if that large hill wasn't there in your picture we could probably have seen each other taking photos at the same time. Was talking to the Yoga instructor to-day & they are putting to-gether a mobile yoga class traveling to out of the way places like Gleeson. I gave her your address & Ray's name:))

  2. Jean - We're gonna follow you and Ray both. As you probably knbow by now, we are friends with Al and Kelly, we visited them at the ranch a couple of weeks ago. We love this desert and great pictures of it, and both you and Ray are doing it. We're going to come to your photo group one of these days, but you're far far away from Benson.