Nov 25, 2009

Playing in Picasa

Well I think with Al’s written directions I can now get the pink border around my photos. 
I was going through my photographs and found these that were taken Dec. 2007.   We do get snow here at least once a year sometimes in Dec.  or it might be as late as April.  When it does snow I love it and Ray hates it.  He grew up with snow and I grew up in  Tucson AZ. and  Orange County CA.  So I saw very little snow unless I went to it.  Tucson does get snow every few years but it doesn’t last all day.
December snow

I did use the I feel lucky  button with there photos and was surprised how nice they came out. It really brightened them up.  Thanks Al, I think it worked.
Grandson,s at play

The Grandkids were lucky that it snowed during their Christmas break. 
Winter fun

We had enough snow that they could make a path to slide down the hill into the wash.  For us that takes a lot of snow :)
Baby Girl in the snow

This is one of our old ladies ( she is 13 ) , Baby Girl .  All of our animals love playing in the snow with the exception of Miss Piggy.
Have a good night

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  1. Nice detail in the photos. Wondered if your using Blogger or Live Writer.