Nov 29, 2009

And the Christmas Spirit Starts

Well today was a so so day.  We had a little wind and rain.  We can always use rain.  We might get snow tonight and tomorrow. 

Well I did get some Christmas things out and I put the outside wreath on the door.  It really takes a beating  every year, but I just add a few new doodads and it’s good for another year. Our Front Door

As you can see. I didn’t  get it out there until after dark.

When I was pulling down Christmas stuff I found  trees, lots of trees.  What a wonderful, forgotten, surprise.  You see I like to shop for decorations after Christmas.  Last year about two weeks into Jan., we were in Walmart, in the garden center/ pet food area.   This is where they put the Christmas clearance.  I have been wanting to have several trees outside to light up(we live in the desert ).   Well (poor Ray) they had  3ft. green plastic trees on clearance for $2 each.  This sure beats the ones made out of 3 metal poles with white lights wrapped around it for $15.  I think I bought 8.  that isn’t the end, I had to call two of my friends who love to decorate, and each of them wanted  me to buy 4.  So out we wheel with 16 boxes of trees.  We had to stuff them into our FJ along with what ever else we bought.  The ride home was with my seat all the way forward and no view out of the backseat Windows or  back window.  We were packed to the roof.   Well anyway my mind is running full speed ahead  trying to plan out how I’m going to use them in my decorating.

Wish me luck.           

Have a good night.


  1. Jean, good luck with the decorating--my house is all decorated and I am off to quilt like mad today--have 4 quilts to get finished and shipped before Christmas.

  2. Ray told me those trees will give him a good chance to try out his new chainsaw after Christmas........."TIMBER!!!!"