Nov 18, 2009

Working on the computer

Today as I’m staying home so as not to infect the world, I decided to download my pictures into Picasa 3.5. Well I’m not good at reading and understanding software instructions ( that’s what I have Ray for and I’m sure he gets sick of it). I have over 21,000 pictures on my computer and now I need to go in and delete all the duplicates. It seems there is always something I need to learn on this thing. And I am, slowwwwly.

This is a photograph of tonight's sunset We don’t get full sunsets like the people who live on the valley floor. We are nestled high in the Dragoon Mountains. So sun rises and sun sets are not as gripping as the one experienced in the valley.IMG_7769working copy 360x480

If we do get out of here very early in the morning or come home in the evening and there are clouds, we usually get good photos.

Have a good night.

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  1. Hope you like Picasa 3.5. I think it's a great little photo editing program & would highly recommend it for it's simplicity. Perfect for people who are new to photo editing & old dummies like myself.