Nov 23, 2009

Cochise Stronghold

    Ray and I went to Benson today to do a little shopping.  On the way home we went by the Cochise Stronghold.  As we were checking out the campsites we followed the dirt roads that led though the unimproved ones and we found some neat places that I would love to camp, but not Ray he goes for the more improved ones. The land was very dry and they had had a fire in one area,  But it was still very beautiful.  Hopefully now that the weather has cooled off I can get him to take me camping,

                                          This is a rock that the Indians used to grind their corn.
                                          You can see the holes warn into the rock

Left: Steep rock wall one of the campsites is at the base of this wall.

Right:;  An interesting moss covered rock with a burnt yucca lying next to it, There were a lot of the burnt yucca and other burnt plants in this area,

This house is at the parking for the horse trailers for the people who want to trail ride during the day. It doesn't look like it is lived in.

 We also got some shot of the Corner Store in Elfrida for our assignment for the Elfrida Photo Group.

Have a good day.

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