Nov 22, 2009

Roosevelt Lake

This cold has really got me.  Sorry I didn't get this done last night or earlier tonight but thought I should get something put in my site. So as I was working on getting my photographs into files and deleting duplicates, I came across these photographs of Roosevelt Bridge that I had taken in June on our long trip home from Phoenix AZ.  By the time  we got to Roosevelt it was getting dark so we were glad to get to a few photographs.  Ray had never been, and I wanted to show hiRoosevelt Bridge Archm that we do have a few large lakes in Arizona.Roosevelt Lake Bridge

Have a good day.


  1. We may do some camping out at Roosevelt Lake this year. A chilly 20 degrees here this morning but I read on Al's blog where it was 27 in southern AZ this morning. Have a good day Jean.

  2. I think Ray probably photo-shopped all that water in while you weren't looking.:))