Nov 29, 2009

From The Front Door

We woke up today to overcast skies and windy weather.
    Looking at Angel Hill from the front door    We live on the old Christianson Ranch in Gleeson.   It was subdivided into 40, 20, 10, and 5 acre parcels.  We have a hill  on our place that we call Angel  Hill.  It is a special place where  we go to remember our loved ones.  Today Ray and I went up Angel Hill to put flowers by the headstones and make sure the angels the Grandkids had put there were still in one piece.  You see we live on open range and the cows sometimes  knock thing around when they are grazing.  It is a very peaceful place and I love to sit up there and just soak it all in.  More people are starting to build on their property around us, but we are in a  small valley so we don’t see many of our neighbors.
After lunch we got to another project I wanted to do.Fence between the cattle guard and green gate. We have a cattle guard that we have to drive over to get to our place.  I used to decorate it at Christmas every year.  I haven't for the last few years and I really wanted to do it this year.  Well, Ray and I dug out this garland that I bought at a yard sale earlier this year and put it up on the fence.   Now when everyone drives over the cattle guard they will be in the mood for decorating ( at least the wives will ) ….:)  I told Ray, I would like to get one box of Christmas decorations down every day from now until .. we get it all  put up.  Will have to wait to see if that happens, but it’s my plan.
If your reading this just remember Ray, is my editor and he’s asleep.
Have a good night.

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  1. Your place sounds like the kind of place we wished we had. Quiet, peaceful, & no neighbors!! It's why we prefer boondocking & stay away from RV Parks, I like to look out & see Mother Nature's handiwork....not man made stuff!!