Nov 25, 2009

Gadsden Hotel

To night I thought i would show photographs  and write about  another interesting place to see in SE Arizona.

Ray and I won a one night stay in a suite at the Gadsden Hotel we decided to save it for our anniversary in June 09.

The brochure says," The Gadsden Hotel opened in 1907, the stately hotel contains a spacious two story lobby,Gadsden Hotel .lobby staircase

Gadsden Hotel up the staircase soaring marble columns, and Tiffany glass murals.Gadsden Hotel .lobby stained glass-2 Gadsden Hotel .lobby stained glass-1 Gadsden Hotel .lobby stained glass3 This stained glass is  something amazing  to see.  I really enjoyed taking photos of it during the day and after dark.Gadsden Hotel stained glass ceiling1 We had a wonderful dinner in the dining room.  Painted on the walls are beautiful murals of Spanish Conquistadores.Dining Room mural-1 Gadsden HotelDining Room mural-2 Gadsden Hotel  Dining Room mural-4 Gadsden Hotel Dining Room mural-3 Gadsden Hotel These were exciting to look at because I like to see art anywhere.( That’s why I love Bisbee’s walls. ).  But for some reason I can’t explain this was my favorite art to see at the Gadsden.  Bust of Biker & Child Gadsden Hotel-1Well it was a good place to go visit the lobby and eat dinner but I would not recommend the rooms.  So if someone reads this and decides to stay the night don’t blame me.  Our suite was decorated in cheep 70’s furniture (maybe?).  It  was one large room made from two smaller ones and two bathrooms. The TV that had distorted sound was on a chest of drawers, and the microwave and fridge were on a dinning table.  We did have a comfortable couch.  We made the best of it and had fun but can’t recommend  the rooms.

Have a good night.

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  1. We dropped in there last spring. Nice big impressive lobby area that lends itself to photography.