Nov 12, 2009

Life on The Ranch

Life on the ranch should get interesting this week end. It began about 5 p.m. and will not end until sometime Sunday. We are lucky enough to have two of our grandsons spending the week-end with us, I love this part about being a grandma.

But I feel the need to share this photograph of Grandpa last summer when we had five of our grandsons for about two weeks. We had a great time then but were glad they had a home to go back to. And I'm sure we will feel the
same on Sunday.

Right now is movie time ( Star Wars again ) before bed, so just getting in my blog for the day. :)


  1. Charming picture of Ray. It is how he shall be remembered:))

  2. Good for you Jean--your blog looks great! We live in Montana and will be joining all you folks in warm southern Arizona just after Christmas. I got my husband from an ad in the newspaper, how in the world did you get yours from ebay?? Mine was also a good find, too!

  3. LOL..I didn't really get him off e-bay it was, but e-bay sounds better. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Glad your wintering in SE AZ. What town are you staying in?