Jun 9, 2010

Double Adobe Quilters

I have been so out of it for the last few months that I didn’t get the pictures and story about the groups quilt show in my blog.

2010_04220024 384x480 2010_04220033a 384x480 2010_04220034a 383x480
2010_04220035a 383x480 2010_04220036 384x480 2010_04220055a 383x480
2010_04220068a 386x480 2010_04220053a 385x480 2010_04220057a 384x480
2010_04220067a 384x480    
2010_04220019 600x479 2010_04220037 599x480
2010_04220027a 600x480 2010_04220045a 599x480
2010_04220038a 597x480 2010_04220039a 599x480
2010_04220040 600x479 2010_04220056a 599x480
2010_04220058 599x480 2010_04220059a 600x477
2010_04220073a 600x479 2010_04220061a 600x479
2010_04220060a 597x480 2010_04220069a 600x480
2010_04220071a 600x478  

Well yesterday the trailer home that was the clubhouse burnt to the ground. My understanding is the fire had not started inside the clubhouse but outside.  They lost everything.  All the fabric, machines, quilting materials, supplies and tools.  They had a meeting yesterday and had finished the last square of the crazy quilt. They were going to use it as their raffle quilt for the show next March. Also all the other quilts and wall hangings etc were a complete loss.  But the biggest loss is the clubhouse, where they would meet every Tuesday from about 9am to 3pm with a pot luck at 12 noon.  We could come anytime on Tuesday, so it left us ways to plan around other commitments.  And if you couldn’t make it every Tuesday they made you feel welcome when you could come.

There were angels around this group yesterday, one members house was threatened as she was taking a nap. And another ended up parking her car at another members home instead of the clubhouse (it was meant to be left at the trailer) as they set off for a afternoon appointment.  So we do see that good things were happening yesterday too.

A friend and I are going to set up a yard sale fund raiser. Another member has been contacted about a sewing machine that is no longer being used. So the healing has begun.

Have a good night!

May 26, 2010

May 24th Photo Shoot

Our photography group met at Camp Naco, in Naco AZ., at 10:30 am for our Monday meeting.  We had a fun time and I can’t wait to see what everyone else photographed.  Ray found things I didn’t even see.

Camp Naco Present&Future Past

These are the plans for Camp Naco

Here are a few of my photographs from Camp Naco.

Old Adobe Woodsiding with a View

DSCF2327Aink2 600x479 DSCF2349 600x479

A few of our group went into Naco Mexico, to take photos of a small park, I can’t wait to see those.  I was one of the ones to stay behind.

Old crossing Walkway into Mexico

We  Then had a wonderful  lunch at The Greek pizza place Pizzarama, in Bisbee AZ.  They are family owned and have great pizza. 

DSCF2445 599x480 DSCF2447 600x479 DSCF2448 600x478

Bart & Gus posing for pictures!

Then we visited Old South Bisbee though some one way tunnels. There are entrance and exit tunnels for cars and a pedestrian only tunnel.  We had fun posing and playing with the light.

Old South Bisbee The exit and entrace tunnels Pat in the pedestrian tunnel

Ray  in the exit tunnel Enjoy Pedestrian tunnel

The mining is creeping closer and closer to the community, it may be a thing of the past in a few years. 

Greeping Hills Wall Art My Childhood

Bike Art Bright Yellow

I know I haven’t done a blog in a few months but I’m going to try to work backward with  my pics.  If you’ve read my blog before you know I’m not much of a writer.

Have a good night!

Feb 23, 2010

Photo Shoot at 2 Old Ranches

On Feb 15th our little photo group had  eight people show up to shoot  two old ranches near Douglas AZ. After the shoot most of us made our way to Marybeth’s home, for a nice time of visiting and munching.  Yesterday we had our meeting and six of us met to show off our work.  There were some great photographs.  Here are my photos from that beautiful day.

Old Out Building 4 Between the lines 10 Color
35mm film Need a remodel 13 Fire pit
16 lines 20 My stack 21 Nuts and bolts, twigs and things

Some more……………………………………………………………..

Home 7 Broken fences 14Glass 21 Wood and rust
Trnsportation x two Some one lost their ball Water tower 2 The locks didn't work
5 Bottled gas system 6 Bricks Primary color And this is only the first ranch.

The second ranch was probably the better photo opportunity but I didn’t get as many photographs. The first three my camera was on the wrong setting and were very washed out. But I just hit Picasa's  I feel lucky and this is what I got. Before and after.

9 2010_02150151 15 2010_02150149 2010_02150152
9 Camera pen and ink 15 Green bushes Open doors and windows

This ranch house was intact, until it was burned down when some illegal's who were using it for shelter.  

Welcom home The Ranch 22 Old barn 2
22 Old barn Branches ifl

And more………………………………………….

House side view 2 Adobe doorway Window frame Old Barn 3

And then off to Marybeth’s.

Next week we will be playing with our photographs using Picasa and Paint.net.  The library, downloaded these programs on to their computers for our Photo Group. 

We are planning a photo shoot soon.

Have a good night !