Feb 17, 2011

Almost A Year

Well its been almost a year sense I written in my blog. But I hope to start again and write at least a weekly entry.  Ray and I seem to be in a rut, so we decided (me) that we need a date night (as in something planned and romantic).  So tomorrow we are heading to the big town of Sierra  Vista.

We have been having a lot of fun with our Photography Group.  We meet at the library in Elfrida, thanks to Sembrando Salud who sponsors the group. They sponsor a lot of great programs here in Elfrida.

We gave ourselves the name Tumbleweed Photo Group and now have a blog with the same name.

These are a few of my pictures. 

126-2677xx_IMG 419x522126-2679zz_IMG 650x522 


Have a good night!