Feb 17, 2011

Almost A Year

Well its been almost a year sense I written in my blog. But I hope to start again and write at least a weekly entry.  Ray and I seem to be in a rut, so we decided (me) that we need a date night (as in something planned and romantic).  So tomorrow we are heading to the big town of Sierra  Vista.

We have been having a lot of fun with our Photography Group.  We meet at the library in Elfrida, thanks to Sembrando Salud who sponsors the group. They sponsor a lot of great programs here in Elfrida.

We gave ourselves the name Tumbleweed Photo Group and now have a blog with the same name.

These are a few of my pictures. 

126-2677xx_IMG 419x522126-2679zz_IMG 650x522 


Have a good night!


  1. Happy to see you back. Also enjoyed your great pictures. I have often thought that if in the area, I would like to attend your photo group. As I am sure you know, Al has written about it on numerous occasions.


  2. Welcome back! It is so easy to get in a rut or whatever you want to call it. It is so easy to fall out of regular blogging. I'll offend some folks with this comment, but when you have a "real life" it is sometimes difficult to find time for the social niceties like keeping in touch. We are down to a very irregular blogging program ourselves, and I'm not even taking time to read others' blogs as much as we used to. We kinda skip around, read this one and that one, but not all. So glad to see you back again!