Nov 27, 2009

The Day After

After a nice Thanksgiving at home, Ray and I took off this morning for Pearce, a ghost town to the North of the ranch. They  have always had a festival, the day after Thanksgiving(or for as long as I have lived on the ranch), and this year it was call Heritage Days.  We ran into Al and his beautiful wife, Kelly who I was happy to meet.  We had attended a yoga  class earlier this year in Elfrida, but I didn’t know that she was the famous Al’s wife.  Of course we didn’t know Al was famous then.  We visited with our friends Stan and Connie from Tucson.  Stan is a writer.  He authors books about lawmen of the old west and history of SE Arizona.  If your reading this, Stan, thanks for the CD it’s great.   Ray thinks it’s his. LOL  

Old Time Tractors-3

The tractors are always a part of any festival in rural SE Arizona.






The also had a booth there that had scarves, sweaters, etc. made from alpaca wool.  The  wool is very soft.  These animals were very friendly.


the band-2


  The band is a very   good country band that also plays at the Double Adobe Quilt Show in March every year.  Vicki , the blond in the red shirt is one of our quilters (Double Adobe Quilters). creating a pitcher

I was fortunate to get to watch the potter from Old Pearce Pottery create a pitcher.  Here she is creating the handle, the finishing touch.

Inside the Old  Pearce Store


Inside the Old Pearce Store there are many, many different things to look at, all of them old.  Things that my Grandma used.  A few I still have in my kitchen.  This is a place I could spend hours looking through.  Poor Ray! 

Outside the Old Pearce Store


bottles bottles everywhere






The south side wall of the store is covered in bottles.

Ray says I take too many pictures, so as he knows I wanted to stop  on the way home and get some more.Ray on the way home from Pearce-1 

century plant-1






The Century plant has finally seen the end of it’s days .

Ghosttown Trail Rd. looking across the valley









new life -2

Ghost Town Trail looking towards the Ch1ricahua Mtn’s.

New life starting to grow on an old cactus carcass.

Have a good night.

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  1. Yep, I have a beautiful wife alright but I'm just the dusty old cursmudgeon she's married to.