Nov 14, 2009

Overcast, Wind,,Rainy Day

This photograph is taken looking SE toward Elfrida in the valley just after sunset'.

We had a little sun in the mooring, but it was gone by 11 am and its been overcast and windy most of the day. We had some light rain showers. The temp started dropping around 2pm so the grandkids had to come in.
They made pencil holders for their parent's desks. And each made a cup of cake for their desert.

Cup of Cake for 2
Take any cake mix .....add 1/2 c. flour for high altitude... divide it into 2 baggies store 1/3 in each ( I put these baggies back in the box so I know whats in them )......add 1/3 of oil & water......oil two 12oz ceramic coffee mugs....Bake in microwave one at a time at medium high temp for 3 min..... test with a knife, if knife blades comes out clean they are done,,,, if not add 30 sec at a time tell knife blade comes out clean.

Tonight's movie was Running Free. Made the 7 year old cry. We had to rewind it, to show him that the wolverine didn't die.

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