Dec 28, 2009

Why Do You Have A Couch?

This is why we have a couch, or anything else in our home.

loki loki
princess buddy

I think we live to make a home for our animals, they just make themselves at home.  We find them were ever they want to hang out, as you can see.  My Christmas village is surviving, but I’m not sure how.  They seem to just tiptoe through it and the dog tails seem to miss the village and the Christmas tree.  And the cats seem to know (after being sprayed with water last year) not to play with the ornaments, so I guess we should be happy they allow us some enjoyment.   Or maybe they just enjoy Christmas.moma kitty

   Just before Christmas Ray and I Had to go to Sierra Vista To take the car in for repair as it was early we walked across the street to get some breakfast.

here's to you Hearty breakfast

And at the restaurant I noticed the after Christmas sign.

Happy New Year

All went well with the car and we got out of Sierra Vista before noon.  So we headed out to Bisbee.

Bisbee tunal in the rain Bisbee churches Bisbee snow
Copper Queen mine Copper Queen mine Ray

Bisbee is the place I would love to live if I didn’t have a place here on the Old Christiansen Ranch.

Today on the way home we stopped  on Gleeson road and got some photos of the Sandhill cranes.

Sandhill crane Sandhill crane
Sandhill crane Sandhill crane

Sometimes they seem to know who the leader is :)

Have a good night !


  1. Your house is like our house....the animals rule & that's the way it should be. Cold & raining right now so I'm wondering if I can bring the donkey's into the motorhome to warm them up. Kelly's still sleeping so maybe if I'm quiet I can sneak them in.....D'ya think:))

  2. We have 2 little dogs, so I know what you mean about couches! Nice pics of Bisbee too. Between you and Al, we've had to put Bisbee on our trip as a definite stop this year!

  3. Jean, you and Al seem to be the leaders when it comes to pictures of Bisbee and the Sandhill cranes! Good pictures of your pets, too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your furniture looks just like our furniture...covered in dogs and cats! LOL!
    Enjoyed your Bisbee photos. Bisbee is definitely one place we plan to explore when we get to Arizona in February. Looking forward to it!

  5. Nice photos of Bisbee and the cranes! We would like to visit that area a little longer than the day trip we had there a month ago. Very scenic area