Dec 11, 2009


Our friends Larry and Kathy asked us to join them for a Mexican meal at a restaurant we had not tried before.  Esperanza’s Mexican food Restaurant is on Hwy. 191 next to   The Produce Wagon  (an other nice place to explore ) just north of Sunsites.  The food was good, I meant to get a picture of it but  it looked so good  I forgot, and remembered when it was to late :)

After dinner we went to Sunsites and found  The Sweet Treats.   I bought bought a bar of soap hand made by Marcia who owns and runs the shop.  The fudge is also hand made there at the shop.  We got frozen  yogurt in a waffle cone, yummy.  But the shop is a wonderland of candy,  candles , soaps, lotions, honey, cookie mix, cookie cutters, and more.

On the way home we did a little four wheeling.  Ray loves it, I’m fine when I know we are on flat areas where we can turn around.  Well today we went up a mountain and had to back part way down.  That little adventure wore  me out.

Esperanza"s Place to rest Ray and Me
Larry and Kathy   Sweet Treats
Cookie cutter sale Old time table out side Candie, cookie mix, and candles
Baked goods candles  candles Yummy fudge
Marcia Wonderful soaps Candie
Soaps and lotions Fudge Ray eating  frozen yogurt
Gift box moose soap watercolor by W. Stephens
shipping info.  Candie dots   pie slice candles
lollie pops honey kitty
view from the mt. top Ray  


Have  a good night !


  1. Sweet Treats looks like somewhere we will have to check out when we get down to AZ. Enjoy your warm weather Jean, it looks like we have a few more days of snow coming.

  2. Jean, we have avoided Sunsites religiously. Now we hafta go and find Esperanza's and Sweet Treats. We do like Mexican food, and needless to say, we like sweet treats as well. We'll just have to stay off the scale for a week or two! Thanks for sharing this delightful information.

  3. Hey, you got all your pics lined up real darn good this time:)) Lots of great colors in the photos too. Did Ray know he had his hat on backwards........