Dec 23, 2009

I Think it’s Fascinating

Today Ray and I went to visit our friends Bob and Barbara, Ray was following up on their new high speed internet install  that was done this morning. Barb and I were going to do some sewing.  Well it never happened, the sewing I mean.

I just find their house very fascinating.  I asked if I could take some photos. The request was granted so I got out my new camera and started shooting. (250 pic’s :)

One of my favorite things is a panorama.  Built by Bob in an old stone fireplace that was no longer used.  To house the old west mining figures that his uncle had carved from wood and made from leather, etc.  I don’t know if the chains were made or chains he bought and used.

Bob's panorarma 3 miners sitting in their camp breakfast, tools bedroll and backpack
coyote howling on the rock cliff buzzards feasting on the bones of a longhorn steer a family of skunks in the mine behind the wagon
a rattlesnake hiding in the cactus freight wagon mules hitched to the wagon

Are you tired of my photos yet or are you fascinated like me.

mule with pack rattlesnake hiding in mine

There is more.

horses harnessed to the wagon and each other this is a working wagon all hand made handmade leather harnesses
wagon packed with goods even a barrel of saltpork all the harnesses are a different type and authentic

Bob’s uncle worked in a harness shop in his early years, and later owned the <> G  Riding Stable, both in WI.  The panorama is not small, I think the horses are about 5” tall. I’ll save the rest of the house for another time :)

Have a good night !


  1. Would be interesting to see a picture of the overall panorama to see how big it all is. Would like to see how it has been incorporated into the fireplace itself. Amazing carvings & definately a work of art.

  2. Fabulous! Thanks, Jean, for sharing that with us. Bob's uncle must have spend years on the detail work! And good for Bob to honor his uncle's work. He should charge admission!