Dec 17, 2009

Keeping Busy

Keeping busy is never hard there is always something that needs doing.  And never enough time.  I didn’t get to my blog last night because Ray and I didn’t get to sleep the night before  or should I say yesterday morning until after 6 a.m. On Tues. night/ Wed. morning Ray was sick with what we think was food poisoning.  

I had been wanting to visit a group that meets in Elfrida every other wed.  called Keeping You in Stitches.  It is a quilting and crafting group.  So my BFF and I headed out at 11:15 to get there by noon leaving us enough time to stop at the bakery to grab a doughnut.  The group is working on lap quilts for a Douglas nursing home and refrigerator magnets and pins to donate to the Elfrida community garden to sell as a fund raiser.  So Kathy and I spent the day helping.  

2009_12160173a 2009_12160173b
2009_12160175a 2009_12160176a
2009_12160171a 2009_12160172b 

After the group Kathy treated me to a late lunch.  Was an enjoyable day.

Today Ray and I are off to Sierra Vista, again.  Ray’s hard drive is going out and he wants to get a new one to install before it crashes for good.  He has all his important stuff on an external drive so he will just have to reinstall all the stuff that makes it run :)  

Have a good day!


  1. Keep those quilts coming, and the hard drives driving. Never enough time for sure!

  2. Jean--I am sure looking forward to getting down to your neck of the woods, meeting you and attending some of these "crafty" things.