Dec 9, 2009

Highspeed & Stitches

Well we had wind last night and very little rain, NO snow.  It was cold this morning and when I looked out the front door 4 out of the 6 little Christmas trees that I had staked down, (one stake on each of the 3 legs on the stand.) were nowhere to be found.  Ray and I will go hunting for our lost trees tomorrow.  We don't have time today because Ray is going to help some friends order High speed internet.

Bob and Ray discussing  the woes of land-line internet.>

These photos are not great but with my flash on I get too much glare. This is something I need to work on with my little old camera.  But here is a screen saver that any Grandma would love.
Told ya!

I met Barbra when my friend Mary invited me to Double Adobe Quilters.  They meet every Tuesday quilt all day and have a pot lock at noon.                                                                                                                 
< This is a picture of the lap quilts they make for nursing home and VA patients.  The people who receive them are grateful for the bright colors as some of them have failing eyesight.  One gentleman enjoyed his so much, he requested that it be put in his casket with him.  His family told one quilter that his request was granted.  This is a wonderful group of ladies.                                                             

The first photo is Barbara's crib quilt project. The second photo is Barbara sewing. The third photo is my cookie plate crumb catcher.  This pattern I got from http://rosebudscottage .   It was a long day but enjoyable.
We had to run into Douglas before we went home. The small border town's main street was all lit up for Christmas.  I got a few photos, Ray's are better.

When we got home we found that the wind had blown over our good sized barb-a-Que. Well wi'll have to pick up the pieces tomorrow.

Have a good night!

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  1. Yeah, that was quite a wind. We have a Kokopelli figure that stands in a protected corner. Well, he stood there untill the wind knocked him over and broke off his head. Sounds like the red queen in Alice in Wonderland, so that must have been Hurrican Alice yesterday! Good pictures, and yes, Suzy said "Aaaaaahhhhh" when she saw the screen saver.