Dec 16, 2009

He Went To Jared's

Well that’s what my BFF Kathy said to Larry, when she heard about my day.  Can’t print what Larry had to say.

We headed out to Sierra Vista today to visit the thrift store on base.  I found a few nice things, one was a lamp shaped like a handbag :)  I’ll have to take a photo to put in a later blog.

Then we headed for the PX.  Their was a vender outside selling beautiful things from Mexico.  I think I said something in an earlier blog about my nativity and how I add something to it every year.  Well I found the perfect group of figures to add this year.  Joyful noise







A little group of Mariachis ( if I didn’t spell it or anything else right I tried, my editor has gone to bed).  Now think about it, they are happy and singing and making a joyful noise.  So I think they fit.







I was thrilled to have these to add to my nativity.  But that wasn’t the end.

Kathy had said she was looking at cameras, because the one she has, just has the screen to view when she takes a photo.  So while we were at the PX, we decided to look at there cameras.  We found the perfect camera, FUJIFILM FINEPIX S1500.   And Ray bought it for me.  It is sooo… cute.   So you see it was better then going to Jared’s.  At least Kathy and I both think so.  I took 161 photos before we got home :)  Stopped by Kathy’s to show it to her, hope she gets one.  That’s a kitty she rescued at the bottom of photos.

Snow on the Huachuca Mts. 2009_12150012a T Bird
2009_12150064a black dot by light pole is black VW VW taken with zoom
2009_12150065a Window of the Tombstone Rose tree building Art
taken while riding in FJ Tomestone house 2009_12150102a2009_12150110a
Tombstone Courthouse 2009_12150083a 2009_12150127a
2009_12150147a  2009_12150030 Kathy's Mama Kitty

I’ve been having fun.

Have a great night!


  1. I had a Fuji Finepix before my Canon A720 & I actually liked it better than the Canon. Unfortunately the Fuji was stolen by a lowlife slimeball looking for drug money!!!! Your blogsite looks better every day & now with your new camera you can even jazz it up more:))

  2. Okay, last year I wanted to get Jean a new camera but managed to screw that up buying a Canon that didn't have an eye site. Cameras that have only the led screen get "washed out" outside. So we returned that and got her a new Kodak printer. Another disaster. If you want to know about Kodak printers, just let me know. Finally got an Epson printer and that one worked. Soooo...I guess I got it right this year!!!