Dec 8, 2009


Got up today and caught a beautiful sunrise.  Had to grab my camera and get some shots from the front door.

It was windy and cold this morning.
At least cold for Southern Arizona

 The clouds made the colors so vibrant, all gold and coppers.

What a wonderful way to start the day.
And Ray missed it all.

Today we have our photo group in Elfrida.  We always take our cameras when we leave the house.  And I'm always looking for a nice photograph,

This is the gate on to the Old Christensen Ranch.
You can see the HC made out of pipe on the gate. this stands for Harry Christensen the rancher who staked his clam for this section of land.  Farther up the road where we live is the section his sweetheart (later wife) claimed.  And an additional section his brother claimed made up the Christensen Ranch.
The couple that lives in the old ranch house now put up this fitting barbwire wreath.  Just had to get this shot.

Today's photo group  I found very enjoyable.  I always leave having learned something new.  Al is helping me with my blog as much as he can, with not being here typing it for me :)  Leslie Is starting a blog and I will add her to my list as soon as she is ready.  Marybeth might even try! 

On the way home we stopped on a hill just up from the house and got a shot of the Sulfur Springs Valley.

It was getting colder and very windy. We now have a severe weather alert for wind and we my even see
snow in the morning .

I know I don't have the color on these last pictures right but just wanted you to see how bad Ray spoils our cats.

Have a good night!


  1. Or is it the cat spoiling Ray? Yes, it was a great sunrise & you captured the colors right on. It's 3 a.m. & the huge gusting winds have blown me right out of a sound sleep!!

  2. Enjoyed this post Jean, as well as the pictures.
    Interesting tidbit about the HC ranch. What a good idea for a ranch wreath....


  3. Jean, great sunrise pictures! We had a marvelous sunrise also, but with everything we had to do yesterday (up at 4:00, out on the road by 7:00 with lots to do in between), we only got a couple of pictures. You and we both know the key to good photography is to get out there and TAKE PICTURES! You're doin' it, gal!