Feb 12, 2010

Photo Group

We have a Photo group here in Elfrida. Ray, who loves photography was asked if he would help run a group centered here at the library.  It’s a small group and we have friends who come and go.  But we have fun.  Our last meeting with Al was a photo shoot at an old restaurant that is abandoned in Elfrida.  I wish I knew more history about Timbucktoo, but sad to say I don’t.Old Timbucktoo Restaurant

Doors and Windows Even take-out Porch light
Backdoor Weeds and Windows Wood

I learned a lot from Al of the Bayfield Bunch.  I will miss his positive personality.

Cactus Reflection Horse 1 Shadowed Walkway
Horse 2 Catus Window Screen

In the southwest there are a lot of old abandoned buildings that make wonderful photos.  I guess it reminds people of the old west and keeps it alive.  Our next photo shoot is down off  Hwy. 191 and Glenn Rd.

The Double Adobe Quilters are having their 30th annual quilt show.  Quilt show flyer There are a lot of venders from around the area selling their crafts, it is a lot of fun, live music with musicians young and old.  The 4H will be there with a good lunch and there are door prizes every hr. At the end of the day the winning ticket for the hand quilted Butterfly Quilt will be drawn and we will have a happy winner.Butterfly Quilt So if you are in the area and want to have a wonderful day come out and have some fun and don’t forget to buy some tickets for the quilt drawing.  You don’t have to be there to win. The club will mail the quilt anywhere postage paid.  If you can’t make it and want tickets just comment me with an address or phone# ( I won’t post this comment without editing your personal info.) or you can call the # on the flyer.

Have a good night !


  1. Great photos of Timbucktoo but hey, where did that horse come from. I must have missed something. Really enjoyed our little photo group & I learned from you folks as well. Photography is a two way street & we all learn from each other. "With every step, a thousand photographs."

  2. That quilt show sounds like fun! We've pencilled it into our calendar, or carved into the Jello of our planning. We'd love to meet you guys! As we get closer to the time, maybe we can exchange some emails about it!

    You have a good photographer's eye, Jean. It's delightful to take a picture of something that is just sitting there by chance or by abandonment and have it turn out well. We drove by Timbucktoo a couple of weeks ago, but were hurrying along and didn't take the time to stop. Seems like we hurry too much.